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Tids & Bits

How To Get a Job

Here's a thing I put together for the Sprite team at Wieden+Kennedy NYC. It worked.

Shiner Beer

99% of the coolness of this is in the design, and that's 100% Andrew Knight.


Bowmore Scotch Whisky

Probably the best headline I wrote in college. [AD | Riley Shine]

American Bank

Here's an ad for a bank. [AD | Nicole Eckles]


Here are some ads for...not a bank. [AD/Designer | Josh Fein]

Haggar Clothing

The most strategy-oriented rental car mirror hanger that I've ever had a hand in. [AD | Matt Kern]

Allen EDC

We gave the City of Allen several options for their business development print campaign. This is not the one they picked. [AD | Matt Kern]


This was my first day as a professional copywriter. Bunny suits aren't as cute on the inside.