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There are over 300,000 people on the planet named Zhang Wei.

There’s the Zhang Wei who penned the acclaimed Chinese novel The Ancient Ship.

There’s the Zhang Wei who gained world renown for his work in theoretical mathematics.

There’s the Zhang Wei who won gold as an Olympic figure skater.

There’s even a Zhang Wei who, in 2014, rose to internet sub-stardom after amassing an objectively impressive amount of Transformers figurines.

There is only one person on the planet named Chase Zreet.

The Chase Zreet who once tried (unsuccessfully) to ride a miniature donkey on the Texas ranch that was his childhood home.

The Chase Zreet who, in all probability, is currently searching for his misplaced keys.

The Chase Zreet who writes copy, among other things.

The Chase Zreet who is hell-bent on being the best Chase Zreet who has ever been.

The novelty of my namesake is not a charge I take lightly. I’m out to set the inaugural Chase Zreet bar as high as humanly possible. I’m out to create the kind of stuff that makes someone down the generational line have to say “No, I’m not THAT Chase Zreet. That’s some old guy who made lots of awesome stuff.” So, let’s make some awesome stuff.

Shoot me an email at, and let's make stuff together.